Players Can Now Fight Against Predator in Call of Duty: Ghosts!

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Infinity Ward and Treyarch, the creators behind Call of Duty: Ghosts, seem to be getting their fandom freak on recently.

With Black Ops we had a selection of movie stars fighting off monstrous zombies, and just this year we had the Haddonfield’s infamous slasher Michael Myers arriving to wreak havoc. Now one more opponent has entered the fray, and hunting is what it does best. No, it is not Wolverine, but it is a certain alien that will have your spine in his hands before you know whats happened. The Predator has landed in the Call of Duty games franchise.

The new DLC pack for Ghosts (called Devastation) not only includes the Predator, but has a few other extras to offer. Below is the press release information which gives us a good look of what this DLC pack has in store for gamers.

Devastation brings four small to medium-sized Multiplayer maps: Ruins, Behemoth, Collision, and Unearthed — which is a re-imagined version of Dome, the fan-favorite map from Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3.

Devastation also includes the “Ripper,” a brand new tactical 2-in-1 weapon with the unique ability to switch from SMG to AR and back on the fly, in the middle of combat.

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The gameplay looks just as interesting as the description above makes it sound:

The Predator is a great fit for the Call of Duty universe, with the forest elements making it feel in some scenes that you could be playing as Dutch himself. Playing the Predator has got to be a barrel of laughs for even the most casual of gamers, but how this character will perform compared to his other appearances in games like Alien vs. Predator and Concrete Jungle remains to be seen.

call od duty predator predator concrete jungle 600x402 Players Can Now Fight Against Predator in Call of Duty: Ghosts!

With so few Predator games out there, the chance for the Predator to be unleashed onto the Call of Duty universe is an exciting one. The pack is on XBox Live right now priced at $14.99, so if your hunger to hunt is too uncontrollable, then this is the pack to buy.

Images: Sierra Entertainment, Infinity Ward, and Treyarch

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