Playstation Plus Coming to the PS Vita in November

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Sony’s Playstation Plus service did little to pique the interest of gamers immediately after it launched. For $50.00 per year, subscribers gained access to a sparse amount of things that most felt didn’t justify the price. Things have now changed, though. Users have access to a rotating “Instant Game Collection” of downloadable titles they actually want (you keep the game as long as you subscribe), faster updates, discounts and a handful of other things. Those that once scoffed at the service now find it more alluring.

We’ve known for a while that the Playstation Plus service would be coming to the PS Vita handheld console, but we didn’t know when. Today, at the 2012 Tokyo Game Show, Sony answered that question – this November. Playsation Plus on Vita will give users the following benefits: the “Instant Game Collection,” discounted DLC, automatic updates and trophy synching. The mobile Playstation Plus will be available at no extra cost; the $50/per year gives you the total package.

Will Playsation Plus be the shot in the arm the Vita needs to succeed? Probably not entirely, but it will certainly help entice people on the fence about purchasing one. Perhaps a few extra sales will convince Sony and third-party developers to make more games for the device.

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