Pop Open a Cold One with Star Wars or Marvel Heroes!

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There's something beautiful about relaxing with your favorite beverage while watching a classic geek film. If you like to imbibe certain bottled alcoholic beverages while doing so (who buys bottled sodas?), well you're pretty much stuck doing that at home. Unfortunately, most movie theaters don't allow bottled alcoholic drinks, with few exceptions. So when you're at home watching Marvel's The Avengers or The Empire Strikes Back, why not make the experience complete by popping the top with a beautifully designed Marvel Heroes or Star Wars themed bottle opener?

death star bottle opener 300x304 Pop Open a Cold One with Star Wars or Marvel Heroes! Made from a heavy gauge metal, some with a chrome finish and some with a paint wash, these magnetic bottle openers can be neatly tucked away on the front of your fridge as one more decorative magnet.

A magnet that opens beer!

Magnets – how do they work? Hey, who cares as long as they open beer!

In the Star Wars galaxy, they already have Millennium Falcon and Death Star openers, with a Han in Carbonite and R2-D2 (below) on the way!

r2d2 bottle opener diamond select 300x407 Pop Open a Cold One with Star Wars or Marvel Heroes! In the Marvel realm, they have Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer), Silver Surfer’s surf board, and Captain America’s shield available now (pictured above). They’re working on a Punisher skull logo and Galactus to debut in the near future.

And outside of those popular licenses, they will be announcing Domo and The Walking Dead bottle openers very soon.

Each retails for $18 each and you can order or pre-order most of these items right now at Diamond Select Toys online or ask your local comic retailer to order it for you.

Remember to not drink and drive and please use magnets responsibly. You’re controlling foundational components of our reality. That mixed with the Power Cosmic or the power of this fully armed and operational battle station, who knows what kind of havoc you could wreak?

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