Practical Effects Movie Harbinger Down Gets Official Trailer

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Harbinger Down has always prided itself on the fact it will be a pure visual effects movie.

Funded just over a year ago on Kickstarter, we have seen artwork, interviews and models promoting the film. Now, a finished trailer has arrived meaning everyone can get a glimpse into this new effects movie.

Geek has had an interest in Harbinger Down since it came on our radar and we have followed it from its Kickstarter days, right to the now finished trailer. The movie is about a crew of students on a fishing trawler who find something very strange in the ocean. Then, as you could probably guess, bad things happen.

On first viewing links to John Carpenter’s The Thing are hard to deny. A group of people in an isolated setting, finding an object in a block of ice which has something inside it which can infect people and morph their bodies into something very nasty is basically the plot structure of Carpenter’s 1982 science fiction classic. After Director Alec Gillis and his companies Amalgamated Dynamics work on The Thing remake was glossed over with CGI trimmings, it is hardly surprising that they wanted to follow through and show what they can really do with their effects team, and that is what they do in the trailer.

There are also elements of Ridley Scott’s Alien seen as well. In certain shots the creature looks very Xenomorph-ic and the fact it is growing into something larger certainly sounds familiar. The shadows used to hide a lot of the creature is a technique that was used to great effect in Alien as well.

harbinger down trailer ice block 600x387 Practical Effects Movie Harbinger Down Gets Official Trailer

With regards to the cast, we don’t get to see them do much in this trailer other than a few choice action shots and scenes of group tension and paranoia. Lance Henriksen is given a bit of screen time as he is the big name star for this movie. This is and always has been heavily advertised as an effects movie, and as such it makes sense that these monster related scenes would take center stage rather than the human element when promoting the movie.

So let’s take a look at the monster in this movie for a minute. The creature itself looks a lot of fun. Though shot mostly in shadows or in short shots we get a bit of an idea of what is coming. What we can confirm for sure is that there are plenty of tentacles on show, which flip and flap their way throughout this trailer.  It is tricky to see how good the effects actually look as in some scenes the effects look puppet like, like a scary version of The Muppets. On a budget of only $384,181 it is still pretty impressive and some scenes in the trailer look incredible. The creature looks like it goes through various stages of modification just through the trailer alone, and this gives the scenes a real sense of excitement as well as entertainment. Fans of practical effects should be over the moon that we have for once a fully formed movie with a creepy, hand crafted creature at the helm of it.

harbinger down trailer tentacles 600x414 Practical Effects Movie Harbinger Down Gets Official Trailer

The film certainly shows its love of genre movies and even though it feels like a The Thing and Alien combination, it still looks like it could be a lot of fun. These types of creature feature films were all the rage in the ’80s, and even when they reused plot points they were still worthwhile. This certainly looks like it could be the same, and hopefully when it is released sometime this year we will know for sure.

Images: Amalgamated Dynamics

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