Prepare now for Internet cleaning dangers

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ICANN and INTERNIC jointly announced their annual warning - in advance of the Standard Internet Cleaning Procedure (SICP).

The process involves the transmission of “data bursts”, from the top-level domain name servers, down through the ISP servers and ultimately to end client devices. These rapid bursts – of high-volume, multi-valued byte packets – are specifically designed to clean undelivered and remnant data packets out of the fiber and Ethernet lines. These unused packets would slow Internet speeds over time if left to accumulate.

Due to the nature of different software in use – at the time these bursts are transmitted – ICANN and INTERNIC strongly urge all Internet users to disconnect speakers and headphones – and lower display brightness – to prevent damage to these components, when the packets ultimately arrive at the finally delivery point.

This year’s SICP warning comes in advance of the process, which could begin as soon as April 1st.

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