Prequels to The Matrix Are Coming Our Way

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Did anyone ask for some prequels to The Matrix? Probably not.

Regardless of whether or not you wanted to know what happened to make everyone live in a world of alternate reality, Warner Bros. is gearing up to add to the Wachowski’s most famous work.

The Wachowskis have already started work on writing the prequels, states Latino Review, and they’ve already turned in outlines and treatments. Sounds like everything is gearing up for a big production, right? Well, the pressure is certainly on, since Warner Bros. is “desperate for a surefire franchise” and hope to have the new films ready to go toe-to-toe against the upcoming Star Wars and Avatar films by 2017. These two franchises are certainly big juggernauts that Warner Bros. would like to battle–the franchises are gunning after roughly the same audience, after all, and Warner Bros. doesn’t want to be left out of the cash grab.

But will prequels to The Matrix really do it? The first film was a big hit when it was released in 1999, but subsequent Matrix films garnered less and less attention, in particular The Matrix Revolutions. Also the Wachowskis haven’t been exactly “bankable” after their stint in the Matrix–Speed Racer and Cloud Atlas were both box office failures, as pointed out by Uproxx. And if we’re being honest, just how will they update the now-antiquated idea The Matrix presented for savvier audiences who do, in a manner of speaking, live their whole lives on the internet? The concept isn’t so completely groundbreaking now. How will they up the ante? It’s easy to say that only time will tell if it can be done, but¬†does Warner Bros. really¬†think it has a winner by agreeing to more of the same? Or are they just banking on the stability of a known property? You can sort the answer out amongst yourselves.

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