Presidential Monsters Make Politics Even Creepier this Presidents’ Day

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You've always wanted a collection of presidential action figures, right?  I mean, what boy doesn't as he's growing up?  But after awhile rows and rows of suits and gray hair tends to get a little boring.  That's what action figure lover and Heroes In Action founder, Mark Huckabone, thought after creating his incredibly well-received Mego-sized action figure likeness of President Barack Obama in 2009.  While considering what to do next, a friend simply said the word "Lincolnstein".  And the Presidential Monsters line was born.  It soon became a no-brainer to match presidents, their personalities, and classic monsters into the series of clever concepts that would soon become 8 inch action figures.  Bill Clinton has a reputation for being a bit of a dog, so he naturally became a werewolf.  Mitt Romney has always appeared a bit stiff, so he naturally became a retro robot.  And Sarah Palin has always shown herself to be a rough-and-tumble maverick, so she became the monster hunter Van Palin (after Van Helsing), complete with a lipstick-wearing pit bull.

The first series of figures are already available on the Heroes In Action website (Kennedy as the Phantom of the White House, Nixon as the Creature from the Watergate Lagoon, George W as ZomBush, Reagan as The Ronmy (mummy), Lincolnstein, Wolf Bill, and (available only with the purchase of the entire set, Baracula, the most powerful Vampire on Earth (politically speaking).

We ran into Mark at Toy Fair in New York City last week and he showed us the entire line of figures that were available now and in the months to come. I imagine if people would exchange gifts on a day like Presidents’ Day, these figures would be the perfect treat.

Below are stills of each of the figures. Be aware that some of them are prototypes (like Palin’s dog Maverick) and may not have final paint and costumes.

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