Pressy Is An Invention Every Android Owner Needs

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Pressy is an interesting little gadget that consolidates several phone functions into one handy button that you can attach to your phone, and it looks absolutely awesome.

If you’re an Android user, chances are you’ve wished you could simplify your phone’s control scheme a time or two. There’s a sequence to get to your camera, you have to do something special to record a phone call, and you have to navigate to an app to check out what’s happening on Facebook. Pressy, a new gadget funded on Kickstarter, seeks to change all that.

Pressy is a button that you hook up to your phone’s headphone jack that can be configured to do pretty much anything you need. You can press the button to take pictures, change settings, turn on the phone flashlight, automate text messages, start calls, and more. Pressy seeks to streamline the way we use our devices, and it’s one of the better ideas to have hit Kickstarter since its inception.

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Pre-orders for Pressy are being taken now, with the first batch shipping out spring 2014. For $27, you can choose black, blue, red, or white. It only works with Android phones, however, so if you’ve got a different device you’ll have to make do with what you’ve got. Otherwise, if you need to make using your phone a little easier in the midst of your complicated life, Pressy looks like a great solution for you.

Check out more information about the device on the official website. Thinking of buying one but aren’t quite sure it’s for you? There’s a handy FAQ to read over before taking the plunge. If you’re still not sure, it looks like the company has a pretty fair return/cancellation policy in place, so if you decide to try it out let us know how it works!

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