Kong: Skull Island


Get your glimpse at the King in the first trailer for Kong: Skull Island. Announced back at SDCC in 2014, Kong: Skull Island became a little bit of a staple with each passing year at the convention.

Judging solely on what the trailer has shown, it looks like a cross between Apocalypse Now, Aliens and Edwards’ Godzilla. Kong: Skull Island is in fact the second in the new wave of monster movies from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures. The studios have previously released the new Godzilla, which will be followed by Godzilla 2 in 2018, and eventually the two monsters colliding in Godzilla vs King Kong in 2020.

A connective style for these films would make sense given our “Shared Movie Universe” (MCU, DCEU, Universal Monster Movies, Possible King Arthur franchise, etc.) climate of today.

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts is a newcomer to blockbusters but his indie darling The Kings Of Summer was a confident and tonally assured film. Vogt-Roberts (whose beard is out of this world!) went on the record to say,

“This is going to be the biggest Kong there’s ever been. Not 10 foot or 30 foot, but a 100-foot ape.”

Judging by the few glimpses the trailer gave, this is one massive ape that appears almost Talos-esque in its posture (look up the old Jason And The Argonauts for comparison).

One aspect of Vogt-Roberts is his adeptness for understanding where King Kong fits contextually with film history and genre:

“Kong IS film history, Kong is where genre went mainstream… We tried to tell a new mythology. We’ve seen the beauty and the beast tale.”

SDCC 2016 also gave us our first poster for Kong: Skull Island which stays in keeping with hiding King Kong (at least for now).

The cast is led by Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Corey Hawkins, Jason Mitchell with Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, Thomas Mann, Shea Whigham, Eugene Cordero, Tian Jing, and more.

Kong: Skull Island hits theaters March 10, 2017 so stay tuned to GEEK for any updates.

Images: Legendary, Warner Bros.



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