Project X Squared is the Future of Science-Fashion

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Put a Quantum Physicist, a fashion designer, and a neuroscientist in a room together and what do you think would come out of a collaboration between them?

If you said “a science-inspired line of clothing”, you’d be smarter than most of us. But that’s exactly what happened when Spiros Michalakis, a quantum theorist at CalTech, met Alicia Hardesty, an LA-based fashion designer and recent Project Runway contestant on a flight back to LA from New York City. Toss in Crystal the neuroscientist, who just wanted a lab coat she could wear outside the lab, and you’ve got a Kickstarter project that brings together the worlds of fashion and science to create practical yet attractive clothing for the nerd on the go.

From the original concept, they’ve branched out into water-resistant jumpers and hoodies that can be worn anywhere, whether you’re working or playing.

With only 4 days to go as of this posting, Project X Squared has already reached its goal, but it never hurts to give those science geeks out there a heads up on getting in on the ground floor of the latest innovation in stylish science apparel.

To learn more about Project X Squared, visit their official site. And to contribute to the Kickstarter project that ends on Wednesday April 24 at 1:37am EDT, visit the Kickstarter page now!

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