SDCC 2014: Quentin Tarantino Teases Release Of Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair

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Over the San Diego Comic-Con weekend, filmmaker Quentin Tarantino revealed that he and The Weinstein Company have had discussions about releasing Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair sometime in 2015.

The original cut of Kill BIll was four-hours long, which prompted the Weinstein’s to request cuts from Tarantino. Instead, they jointly agreed to release the film as two separate volumes, each re-edited as solo films, and why would you not? Tarantino is a huge draw with audiences and the Weinstein’s would essentially be charging people twice for the same movie. So Volume One and Volume Two of Kill Bill were released in October, 2003 and April, 2004 to rave reviews and a welcome return to the spotlight for Tarantino. The rest, as they say, is history.

tarantino directing inglourious basterds SDCC 2014: Quentin Tarantino Teases Release Of Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair

To this day, Tarantino is still asked about the original cut of the film, which ran only once back in 2011 at the New Beverly. The most notable inclusion of The Whole Bloody Affair is a 30-minute anime sequence, but there are also editorial changes, and some stylistic shifts such as switching black & white sequences into color. For those who have seen the complete four-hour version, they say it’s not just like watching both movies back-to-back, but a wholly different film, a complete experience. Can the rest of us see this thing now?

During the Dynamite Entertainment panel where Tarantino was present to talk up his forthcoming Django Unchained/Zorro crossover comic, he was asked about the status of Kill BIll: The Whole Bloody Affair yet again. This is what he had this to say:

“What’s going on with that is originally back when Kill Bill was going to be one movie, I wrote an even longer anime sequence. So you see in the movie [O-Ren] kill her boss but then there was that long hair guy… The big sequence was her fighting that guy. I.G. [The Japanese Anime Studio] who did Ghost in the Shell said we can’t do that and finish it in time for your thing. And [plus] you can’t have a thirty-minute piece in your movie. I said okay. It was my favorite part but it was the part you could drop. So we dropped it and then later when I.G. heard we were talking about doing Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair — they still had the script so without even being commissioned, they just did it and paid for it themselves. It’s really terrific. Anyway, The Weinstein Company and myself were talking about actually coming out with it sometime, not before the year is out, but within the next year with limited theatrical engagement as well.” -Via

If Tarantino can deliver his complete Kill Bill movie, it might be able tide eager fans over until The Hateful Eight is released. During the same panel, Tarantino (almost reluctantly) confirmed he will, in fact, proceed with making The Hateful Eight his next directorial project — the film starts shooting early next year.

western Quentin Tarantino SDCC 2014: Quentin Tarantino Teases Release Of Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair

Tarantino is always dreaming up new projects so whether or not we’ll see Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair (in theaters or otherwise) is still up in the air. Recently, he sued Gawker for leaking his first-draft of The Hateful Eight and vowed never to make it, now he’s confirming estimated start dates for production. This is a man who changes his mind often.

Would you be interested in seeing the four-hour cut of Kill Bill or would you rather he press on and get The Hateful Eight out as soon as possible? Perhaps we can have both. To have our bloody, well-crafted cake and eat it too.

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