Quicksilver to Appear in X-Men: Days of Future Past

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How fast is Marvel Comics’ resident speedster, Quicksilver? So fast that he can appear in movies produced by Disney and 20th Century Fox, as he’s set to appear in both The Avengers 2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

The news comes by way of director Bryan Singer’s Twitter account, who announced the casting of Marvel’s mutant runner: “Before he was an #Avenger, he was just a REALLY fast kid. Thrilled to say #EvanPeters is joining #XMen #DaysOfFuturePast as #Quicksilver.”

While no one’s been cast yet, Joss Whedon has previously hinted at — and later confirmed — the presence of Quicksilver and his sister, the Scarlet Witch, in the upcoming Avengers sequel. The pair joined the team with the sixteenth issue of the comic book way back in 1965, only a year after they first appeared as bad guys in the pages of Uncanny X-Men in 1964. He’s a mutant and an Avenger…and it’d be great if actor Evan Peters could make his way into both movies. If Ryan Reynolds can be Deadpool, Green Lantern, and Hannibal King, why can’t Evan Peters play Quicksilver twice?

This is an interesting development, since it would mark one of the few (possibly only?) times that a Marvel character will appear in more than one film produced by two different studios. It’s a little tricky, but Disney-owned Marvel Studios holds the rights to make films based on the comic universe’s characters—with the exception, of course, of any characters for which the film rights have already been bought by other studios. That’s why Spider-Man—whose movies come from Sony—and the X-Men and Fantastic Four—who live at 20th Century Fox—will probably never show up in a movie with Captain America or Iron Man…at least not until Sony and Fox stop making movies based on those characters and the rights revert to Disney. Fortunately, there are characters like Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch who can do double duty without any messy legal hassles.

In fact, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige explained the unique situation of the pair to Newsarama:

“They’re uh – It’s a little complicated, but if they want to use them in an X-Men movie they could, and if we want to use them in an Avengers movie we could. They’re unique.”

Now, even though we said Spider-Man won’t appear in an Avengers movie, he’s definitely been a card-carrying member of the team. Same with Wolverine. And Beast! In fact, there are only a handful of Marvel characters who haven’t been on the premiere super-team in the comic universe. Any chance they might find their way into Avengers 3 without needing to untie the mess in a courtroom? And anyone find it a little bit suspicious that last year’s Avengers vs X-Men comic event resulted in a melding of the two teams in various ways? We don’t think that’s a coincidence when you look at it from a rights perspective…

Source: Twitter, Newsarama

Image: Marvel Comics

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