Reboot Upgrades? The Five Things that Will Set The Amazing Spider-Man apart.

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We all know that comic books have great leeway in re-configuring their stories, mythologies and origin stories, and now the Spider-Man movie franchise is undergoing its own rebirth with The Amazing Spider-Man. We spoke with producer Matthew Tolmach about what makes this latest incarnation of the webbed wonder so cool and different.

01 The Love Story

“You haven’t seen something like this in a superhero movie,” Tolmach says. “The authenticity and intensity of that relationship is something that’s very unique.”

02 Practical Effects

“The reliance on practical effects is pretty mind-blowing,” he says. “We have a ton of CG effects, like every one of these movies does, but we made a choice to really lean on how far can you push the practical. I think, at the end of the day, your eye knows when something is real and what is not. Staying consistent with wanting to make a grounded movie, we wanted to try to show Peter doing things that were pushing the boundaries of what was actually possible.”

03 Gravity

“One of the big themes in the movie is gravity — emotional gravity and physical gravity,” Tolmach says. “There’s this naturalistic earthiness to this movie. It’s real. It takes place in our world and we play by the rules of physics, to a large extent.”

04 Three Dimensions

“I know that sounds like an easy one, but I feel very strongly about the use of 3D in our film,” Tolmach notes. “There are movies that are meant to be in 3D and those that are not meant to be in 3D. We shot our movie in 3D, we choreographed it in 3D and it was meant to be made in 3D. I think that’s what separates us from so many 3D movies people have seen.”

05 The Ending

“I can’t tell you the final reason, but I think when you walk out of the theater, it leaves you with a provocative ending,” Tolmach teases. “You’ve never seen anything like it or felt anything like it in a superhero movie. It defies traditional storytelling in the end and I’m really proud of it.”

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