Record Store Day for Movie, Video Game and Sci-Fi Fans

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For seven years, Record Store Day has been satiating the needs of music lovers with an eclectic mix of releases, from limited edition singles to reissues.

Even if your interests lean more towards movies or science-fiction, you’ll be able to find something unusual. With Record Store Day coming up on Saturday, April 19, we took a look at the schedule of releases for the United States and put together a list of items that should appeal to Geek readers, from a video game soundtrack to movie scores and beyond. We’ve noted which releases are Record Store Day exclusives and which ones will have a wider release later.

Anamanaguchi’s penchant for combining instrumental rock with the hyper sounds of vintage video game technology has earned them scores of fans willing to sweat it out in jam-packed clubs with crowd surfers in the pit. One of the highlights of the band’s career was certainly the score that they composed for the video game, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Four years later, this release has had enough staying power to get a Record Store Day Exclusive edition on 12″ vinyl.

 Record Store Day for Movie, Video Game and Sci Fi Fans

Back in the 1970s, when David Bowie was all about science fiction, he released “1984,” a pretty obvious nod to George Orwell’s famed novel. This isn’t a hard-to-find cut. It was originally released on the album Diamond Dogs, but it is a nifty Record Store Day exclusive. Here, “1984″ appears on 7″ vinyl with a live version (from The Dick Cavett Show) on the flip side. Also, it’s a picture disc, so if you are as intrigued by the image of 1970s Bowie as you are by the sound, this is the release for you.

From the sci-fi elements in their costumes to Mark Mothersbaugh’s turn as a composer of TV and film music (Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, Rugrats and Regular Show are just a few credits), Devo certainly has an appeal to Geek  readers. This year, the band has three Record Store Day exclusive releases. Butch Devo and the Sundance Gig is a 12″ picture disc and DVD set of their 1995 gig at Sundance Film Festival. Live at Max’s Kansas City – November 15, 1977 catches the band in earlier days and is limited to 2000 copies. There is also a split 7″ Side by Side series release featuring a live version of “Gates of Steel” with Flaming Lips’ cover of the song on the B-side. That one is released on silver vinyl.

In 1979, The Muppet Movie didn’t just bring Kermit, Miss Piggy and the gang to the big screen. It also brought us Paul Williams and Kenny Ascher’s Oscar-nominated song “Rainbow Connection.” The song didn’t win the award, but it is, perhaps, the quintessential Muppets tune, one that has resonated with fans for decades to follow. The soundtrack makes itsvinyl comeback this Saturday as a Record Store Day exclusive.

Maybe you know every song in The Wizard of Oz by heart. Maybe you already have those classic numbers somewhere in your music collection. But, do you have The Wizard of Oz on “emerald green vinyl“? You know you’re going to want this exclusive.

David Lynch has captured our attention with his movies and a little TV show called Twin Peaks. Several years ago, a retrospective exhibition of his work, “The Air Is on Fire,” turned up in Paris to showcase some of his non-cinematic works. The sonics on this release, which was composed by Lynch and Dean Hurley, was part of that exhibition. This is marked as a Limited Run/Regional Focus release. In other words, it might be tough to find.

It’s one of the most memorable scores of mid-20th century film. Henry Mancini’s work for The Pink Panther will receive a 50th anniversary reissue on Record Store Day. This is a Record Store Day First title. If you don’t find it in participating stores on Saturday, it will hit other shops at a later date.

It’s a Record Store Day First release and a cool edition to your Ghostbusters collection. Ray Parker, Jr.’s theme song for the ’80s hit is coming out on 10″ glow-in-the-dark vinyl this Saturday. The single also feature an instrumental of the song, plus a dance remix and dub version.

The Space Project is a compilation dedicated to songs inspired by NASA Voyager. Featuring bands like Beach House and Spiritualized, The Space Project will be available on 12″ and 7″ vinyl as well as on CD. This is a Record Store Day First release.

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