Redbox Instant Coming to Xbox Live

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Netflix, be on your guard; a Redbox Instant app is on its way to Xbox Live. 

Via the Major Nelson blog, the general public learned today that the Xbox would be the exclusive game console home of Redbox Instant, a streaming video service from Redbox and Verizon. Here’s how it’ll work: for a small monthly fee ($8 for DVD + Streaming; $9 for Blu-ray + Streaming) users will get access to an “unlimited” streaming library and four one-night rental credits. Based on the officially released information, I can’t discern whether or not the streaming library will mirror what’s available at Redbox kiosks. The Netflix Instant Watch library is quite large; however, it’s lacking some of the newer big-budget features offered by Redbox. If they play that angle, they might actually be able to draw a few Netflix Instant subscribers into their fold.  

Redbox Instant is still in beta with no official release date announced. If you’re in the beta, though, you’ll be receiving an invite to try out the Xbox Live app. The beta is still accepting applications if you’re interested in checking out the service. Anyone who’s able to try it out should revisit this post and leave us a review.

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