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We know it's sometimes been hard to track down a store that carries Geek magazine. And while some stores carry a lot of copies, others might not have more than a handful that get snatched up by a few lucky folks within the first few hours. We've even heard of some stores with geeky employees that snatch up all the copies of Geek before they can even make it to the shelves.

Well, if you’re a comic fan or someone who knows of a comic shop near you, you don’t have to hunt any longer! As it says in the ad that’s been showing up in DC Comics this week, Geek magazine is now available through Diamond Distribution at your local comic shop! You just have to tell them to put Geek on your “pull list” so that when the new issue hits the shelves, you’ll have a copy waiting for you in the comic shop the Wednesday the magazine is released. They order weeks in advance, so scroll below on instructions on how to reserve your copy now!

geek ad dc comics 300x300 Reserve GEEK Magazine at your Local Comic Shop Now! Some stores might require a minimum number of books per month to get a pull list, but you’ll have to talk to the store owner to figure that out. And, honestly, even if you’re not a comic fan, I can guarantee you that there is something out there for EVERYONE to read and love in a comic shop. An excellent comic store will have employees that will help you find something you will love. Stay away from the condescending ones who treat you like an idiot, as if they just stepped out of an episode of the Simpsons. They exist, but these days they are very rare. Don’t waste your time on that type of geek as they give us all a bad name. Find another store.

To find a comic store near you, go to:

Here’s a few tips, but 1 and 2 are the most important…

  1. If you’re a regular at your local comic shop, you know what to do. Just tell them you want to add Geek to your pull list, but you must do it before Christmas 2012! The rest of the tips are for everyone else new to the game…
  2. If you want Geek #5 waiting for you at your local comic shop February 6th, you MUST contact your local comic shop by this Monday, Dec 24th (if they submit orders manually) or Thursday the 27th (if they submit orders online).
  3. If you set up a pull list with them for the first time, you don’t have to request it every 2 months. They will know to order every issue every time it’s released.
  4. If you want more than one copy or you want to make sure you get any variant covers we produce (like #3 with Nathan Fillion or #4 with the Marvel and DC heroes), be sure to tell them that so they can automatically order enough when those options become available.
  5. If they get enough orders, they might even add a few extras to the form for other geeks to discover and enjoy.
  6. Be sure to visit and support them regularly, not just every 2 months, as good comic shops deserve your support. Once every two weeks is good if you’re not getting much more than Geek. Although hardcore comic readers show up every Wednesday.
  7. Put aside any preconceived notions you might have about comic shops. In the best ones, you can meet some great, geeky friends and discover some amazing worlds within the comic pages. And comics are not just about superheroes. As I said, there is something for EVERYONE at your local comic shop!

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