Review: Beats by Dre Solo HD Headphones

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Let’s be clear, I’m no audio engineering aficionado. I can’t speak to you about headphones in crazy technical terms or how they compare to the endless parade of similar product on the shelves. I can just speak to what I’m experiencing when I put them on.

I’m sure there are better (and more expensive) headphones out there with the same intended purpose and functionality, but considering how I use them, the Beats Solo HD headphones (the blue ones) get the job done beautifully. They’re comfortable to wear for hours at a time. They cover the ears without too much pressure and do the job of blocking out external sounds nicely. I put them on while I work in a busy office/cube farm, sometimes just to block out the ambient noise, without any music playing. But when I am playing music, it comes through clearly without any distortion (that my commoner’s ears can discern anyway). Of course, a majority of the music I listen to is through a digital streaming service and occasionally a mobile device, so the quality of the sound also depends on the quality of the source. If you’re a hardcore audiophile who lives for the pop and hiss of a vinyl on a turntable and you won’t settle for anything less than the ultra-fidelity of headphones that make you feel like you’re in the room where the band is recording the original music, maybe these aren’t for you. That’s okay. But for $199, these are some amazing headphones that give me the highs and lows I’d expect. I’m an average guy who likes music. And I like it loud. And on my head… while keeping out the noisy distractions of my neighbors, whether they’re at the desk next to me or in seat B on a cross-country flight.
Here are a few other features I enjoyed about the Beats Solo HD headphones:

  1. The headphones fold up at two points on either side of the arch into a convenient and compact tri-fold format that is no wider or longer than my hand when tucked neatly away. This makes it convenient to cram it into small spaces, like a coat pocket or backpack compartment, without fear of the arch getting bent out of shape.
  2. They come with a soft, zippered carry pouch that contains a pocket for the cord.
  3. The stylish red cord detaches completely from the headphones and features a remote volume and microphone control that works beautifully with mobile devices like an iPhone or iPad.

The Beats Solo HD headphones can be found just about anywhere for an MSRP of $199 and come in a dark blue color.

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