Review: Dragon Ball Z Kai Season 3

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Originally, the idea of a sped up season of Dragon Ball Z was extremely appealing given my oh so very fond memories of sitting in front of the TV for a half hour episode that featured either Goku eating everything in sight or any given character spending most of the episode powering up, only to leave the impending battle for the next episode. So Dragon Ball Z Kai (season 3) did not fail to get me through an entire season AND actively hold my interest the entire time. I was thoroughly captivated as Kai cut out all the filler and left me with nothing but pure story line.

dragon ball z kai season three Review: Dragon Ball Z Kai Season 3 However, the problem with no filler is there is very little character development, relying solely on the viewers prior knowledge or viewing of the original Dragon Ball Z; and having watched the original series when I was rather young, I found myself missing a lot of why the characters were the way they were (granted, I jumped in with season three). Furthermore, having a sped up season made somewhat irritating characters (not to mention any names, but… cough, Vegeta) even more irritating since there was no filler to cool down the time between his or her (his), annoying antics. I did however, enjoy how much of Chi-Chi was cut because I always hated her yelling at Gohan about school… also because it made me think about school and that’s not what you want when you’re watching Dragon Ball.

Ultimately, I enjoyed Dragon Ball Z Kai. It kept my attention most of the time. And when it didn’t, I just made jokes to cancel out how annoyed I was with Vegeta. I thought the edits and the cuts were well done, I was never confused with the story line or with what was going on. All the characters were clearly stated and everything flowed fairly well. However, I still wonder why all the characters confuse talking and thinking, but I have a good laugh every time a lone character flies or stands on a mountain and decides to talk instead of think. All in all, Kai is very entertaining and I would recommend it to anyone, but especially to those who grew up with it and want to relive their Dragon Ball Z memories.

Dragon Ball Z Kai season 3 (episodes 53-77) is available now from and at your local retailer.

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