Riddick Returns with a new trailer

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After a brief glimpse earlier this year, we finally have a full trailer for the David Twohy's Chronicles of Riddick series, Riddick.

Following the events of the second film, the series’ titular character finds himself left for dead on a far off planet populated with a host of alien predators. When a team of bounty hunters arrive to try and capture him, he finds himself caught up in a larger plot.

This trailer has us all sorts of excited. 2000′s Pitch Black has remained an awesome piece of cult classic sci-fi that really holds up well to repeat viewings. And 2004′s Chronicles of Riddick was an interesting departure into a much larger space opera sort of tale. Even the 2004 animated film, Dark Fury, has its charms. Here, it looks like we’re going to see something that’s far closer to the original film than the second, and that, in our book, is a very good thing.¬†Riddick has always been the sort of loner character, and shoehorning him into a much larger galactic plot always felt somewhat out of place. This film looks to be much closer to the character, as he rips through aliens and bounty hunters alike. However, let’s hope that it isn’t simply a retread of the first film (however, let’s not ignore the fact that Katee Sackoff from Battlestar Galactica is in this for a little extra sci-fi geek cred).

Riddick was written and directed by David Twohy, who sought out independent financing to get this film finished up. It’s long overdue, and set to be released on September 6th, 2013.

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