Ridley Scott’s Long-Awaited Halo Project Is Being Filmed Right Now

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Need a little more Master Chief in your life? Ridley Scott is hard at work right now on his upcoming Halo film, finally bringing the long-awaited project to fruition.

Eagle-eyed YouTuber Jayster¬†was able to capture some amateur footage of the shoot in his native Titanic Quarter of Belfast in Northern Island to prove it to us as well. That’s the most surprising part of this story in some way, especially considering the fact that rumblings of this nature are very rarely accompanied by any sort of proof or progress – good on you, Jayster!

Since Jayster’s capture of the shoot, Microsoft and Ridley Scott (Gladiator) has since confirmed to the local news outlet Belfast Telgraph that what Jayster saw was indeed a glimpse of what would eventually wind up as Scott’s upcoming Halo project. which will air as original video programming as part of Xbox Entertainment Studios’ upcoming cavalcade of content that will premiere later this year.

Keep in mind that this is actually a different Halo project than the Halo TV show that Steven Spielberg himself is creating for Microsoft. Still, with two talented artists like Scott and Spielberg on the prowl, you’ve got to hope for the best. At the very least, Halo: Forward Unto Dawn wasn’t completely awful, so the same level of quality or even better would be optimal for the upcoming Ridley Scott Halo adaptation.

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The upcoming Halo projects should coincide nicely with the launch of Halo 5: Guardians, the next numbered entry in the video game series that started it all. And if you’re hungry for more Halo lore, there’s a veritable cavalcade of additional media out there to help flesh out the back story and origins of nearly any character you can think of.

Are you excited for Ridley Scott or Steven Spielberg’s upcoming Halo projects, or would you prefer they focus on something else?

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