Ron Burgundy and Captain Kirk Have a Message for You

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Son of a beesting! What an opportunity! Will Ferrell and William Shatner are just two out of a number of celebrities who will create personalized, one-of-a-kind voicemail messages just for you to use on your phone this December.  They're doing this, along with Carrie Fisher, Morgan Freeman, Derek Jeter, Leonard Nimoy, Betty White, Tom Hanks, Ed Asner, and Patrick Stewart, as part of a charity campaign to raise awareness for austism.  Ed Asner and his son Matthew both have sons with autism, so they teamed up to create this unique celebrity fundraiser called Sound Off for Autism Speaks.  

“I got together with my son Matt (Autism Speaks’ Executive Director for Southern California) and we talked about what my friends and I could do to support the important work of Autism Speaks,” said Ed Asner, who is currently starring on Broadway in “Grace.” “We decided that bringing together a group of celebrities with great voices and doing a kind of ‘voiceathon’ would be a really fun idea that could help individuals with autism and their families.”

By going to, fans can register to receive a reminder prior to the campaign’s start on December 3rd.  From December 3rd through the 9th, 2012, a limited number of messages will be made available from each celebrity on a first come, first served basis in return for a donation of $299.  All proceeds will support autism research and advocacy efforts.

For more information on this organization and their work, go to

Will you be signing up? And whether you can pony up the funds or not, who would you choose to leave a message for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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