Ronald D. Moore to Develop Outlander For Cable TV

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Since Caprica’s unfortunate cancelation, we’ve not seen much from its creator, Ronald D. Moore. The potential projects he has been linked to– a reboot of The Wild Wild West, 17th Precinct, aka “Harry Potter for grown-ups,” and the Coast Guard drama The McCulloch – have all had difficulty getting off the ground. Last year, ABC bought his pitch for a Western procedural called Hangtown, which could still be made.

It would seem Moore’s period away from the limelight is over. Today, Deadline broke the story that he’d been hired by Sony Pictures TV to develop a cable television series based on Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander book series. Outlander is the story of a married WWII nurse being transported from her native 1945 to Scotland in the 1700s. While there, she ends up on the run for her life and having to marry another man to protect herself. She ends up falling hard for the new/old husband; however, her desire to remain faithful to the old/new husband causes quite a bit of inner conflict. This, in my opinion, sounds like a project more suited to Moore’s skills than any of his other potential shows. That said, I still really want Hangtown to happen.

Outlander is being developed as part Moore’s deal with Sony. While no network has attached itself to the project, the fact that the books have sold over 20 million copies means one likely will once it’s being shopped around.

Are you a fan of Outlander? Think Moore is the right man for the job of adapting it? Let us know in the comments.

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