Highlander Reboot Director Confirms Ryan Reynolds Yet to Be Officially Cast

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Okay, let’s get this out of the way: I thought there could be ONLY one?!

Quite some time ago, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, director of 28 Weeks Later, was tapped to direct a Highlander reboot. In June, reports circulated that Ryan Reynolds had been cast in the lead role; however, in an interview posted today on IGN, the director revealed that he’s still “in negotiations” for the role.

Given that I’d watch Reynolds in anything, including his bedroom through binoculars, I’d be happy if Reynolds made it into the film. In the same IGN interview, the director mentions that he plans on respecting the Highlander universe, but that the story will be modernized, which should come as no surprise.

Have the trailers for Total Recall softened your skepticism about Hollywood remakes? Would you watch a modernized Highlander with Ryan Reynolds in place of Christopher Lambert? Weigh in via comment.

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