Sabotage Gets A New Trailer, More Things For Arnold To Destroy

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Arnold Schwarzenegger returns this April in Sabotage, and in the new trailer he decides to shoot stuff up with a lot of bullets - a bad guys' only weakness.

Remember Sabotage? The movie with a decent cast that looks like they are playing characters that are a cross between Dog the Bounty Hunter and the cast of Duck Dynasty? It looks like we got a second trailer to ring in 2014 with, and it appears there are two steps in making the Governator mad. First, don’t mess with his “work family”. He’ll probably kill you. Second? Don’t mess with his “family family”, especially don’t kidnap his wife. He’ll definitely kill you then.

Sabotage deals with an elite DEA task force where Arnold leads his rag tag motley crew into trouble and takes out threats with extreme prejudice. Of course, family is the recurring theme in the trailer, but a big bust of a powerful drug cartel threatens to tear them apart. The new trailer is below so you can get acclimated with the 411:

Betrayal, loss, and revenge come into the mix for this movie, written and directed by End of Watch’s David Ayer (a terrific, underrated movie) and co-written by Skip Woods (A Good Day to Die Hard, a movie that set back the franchise back to possible reboot stage). Apparently 10 million dollars is missing from this big bust and the people tied to this task force are being targeted and eliminated.  Who can Arnold trust? Would it be Avatar’s Sam Worthington? The Killing’s Marielle Enos? Maybe Lost’s Josh Holloway or True Blood’s Joe Manganiello? Iron Man’s Terrence Howard? Olivia Williams from The Sixth Sense, who is apparently playing the Connie Nielsen part in Basic?

sabotage arnold schwarzenegger Sabotage Gets A New Trailer, More Things For Arnold To Destroy

I guess we’ll find out on April 11, 2014 when I fully expect Arnold to throat rip the punk that decided to take his wife. That combover makes him look more insanely dangerous than ever.

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