Sam Raimi Wins Fight Against Award Pictures’ Evil Dead 4: Consequences

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From Spaderman to Italian filmmaker Claudio Fragasso’s Terminator 2, the entertainment industry has had its fair share of unauthorized works. One of the latest productions to fall under that category, Award Pictures’ Evil Dead 4: Consequences, was officially deemed illegal by a California federal court just last week.

Last May, shortly after Award’s Evil Dead began shooting, the company was sued by Sam Raimi’s Renaissance Pictures. The suit claimed that Raimi aimed to make additional Evil Dead films, so having unofficial ones would create confusion. A recent post on The Hollywood Reporter indicates that Award Pictures main argument is that Raimi & Co. have failed to keep a tight control on their property, citing that 20 other films named Evil Dead have been made since their feature released in 1981.

Any case Award Pictures might’ve had disappeared when the company failed to respond to the Renaissance Pictures suit in court. This ultimately led to them being blocked from using the Evil Dead trademark or promoting their film in a way that would purposely confuse the public into thinking they have the rights to the series. Despite this setback, the studio’s president, Glenn MacCrae, claims they will continue to fight for their right to make the film.

Given the fact Award wanted to title their film Evil Dead 4: Consequences, it’s unlikely they will be able to convince any judge they didn’t hope to confuse the public into thinking they were making an official sequel. That said, with someone of the crazy ongoing legal battles we’ve seen, a decision in their favor wouldn’t be too suprising. We will let you know how this one develops.

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