Samuel Lee Creates Medieval Cosplay Costumes

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Cosplay is an incredible outlet for dedicated fans to show off their creativeness as well as their love of all fandom based characters. Not all of us however have the necessary skills to hand to create these incredible designs. For example how would we create a Game of Thrones / Superhero mash up costume? Luckily for us there is Samuel Lee on hand with his company Prince Armoury to help us out.

Samuels works in leather and creates awesome medieval based costumes for commission and also just for fun. To learn a bit more about him we turn to a quote from the man himself taken from Stan Winstons School Blog

My name is Samuel Lee. I am an artisan and my focus is on creating original custom creations for my clients. I like working with various mediums but I am most known for my leather armor creations.

I became interested in making armor during my high school days of live action role-play and visiting Renaissance Festivals. I created Prince Armory  in 2007 to do this full time as a craft but I’ve certainly always had a fascination with armor, knights, and fantasy realms and I’ve always liked being creative and making interesting things so it feels natural for me to be creating fantasy creations like armor and such for a living at this point.

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You may be asking what all the fuss is about and so below is a gallery of some of his current superhero re-workings and some sketches for as of yet unmade costume which we may see in the near future…

The creations he has brought to life instantly leap out at you and are incredible to behold. It is like seeing your favorite issue of What If or Elseworlds book come to life right before your eyes.

To keep track of Samuel’s and Prince Armory’s work, then be sure to look at their Facebook page and the main site at Prince Armory. Keep an eye out and you may be lucky to see one of his designs at a comic con or medieval fare very soon.


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