Scariest TV Hidden Camera Elevator Prank Ever!

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I'm pretty sure Allen Funt never went this far for a laugh (if that reference has no meaning to you, Google him).  The man hosting this little bit o' terror hails from Brazil and goes by the name Silvio Santos, host of The Silvio Santos Program ('natch).  For laughs, a lovely young woman directs the unsuspecting victims into a shiny mirrored elevator that oddly also contains shelves.  Of course, behind the mirrors are cameras and under the "shelves" lives a little girl carrying a doll and looking horrifyingly disheveled.  Once inside, the lights flicker and cut out suddenly.  When they come up, that little girl is standing next to them.  Lights go out again and she's gone when the lights come back up, further destroying the psyches of the folks trapped in this apparently malfunctioning and child haunted elevator.  When the lights go out and come back up yet again, the little girl is there again.  But this time, she let's out a blood-curdling scream, as if her mere presence wasn't enough to give the mostly middle aged and older elevator passengers crippling heart attacks.

Of course, this may lead a number of these poor victims to live much healthier lifestyles. I think the stairs will be getting a lot more use from now on…  

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