Signal Boost This: Sci-Fi Hotel and ‘Alien’ Giger Bar Proposed for the States

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In the last couple days, the announcement of a Sci-Fi hotel has spread amongst geeks as little bit of nerd catnip.

Andy Davies and his team over at Sci-Fi Hotel have conceptualized the geek mecca and have proposed to bring to the states a hotel that will immerse guests in the worlds of science fiction through room designs and art installations. From the classics to pulp to modern, an interview with CNET has reported details as to what ideally will be in this ambitious space port themed building.

To bolster it to investors, Davies has announced the collaboration between his team and Alien franchise artist/designer Hans Rudolf Giger to include the first official Giger bar in the U.S. There are already two Giger bars in Switzerland that not only architecturally host guests in the biomechanical environment and character designs of the Alien franchise universe, but are detailed down to the chairs, tables, and fittings of the locale. Giger has jumped on board to support the plans to make this sci-fi dream a reality and include an official lounge as the first addition to the palate of the concept.

From the press release:

To create Giger Bar, Sci-Fi Hotel LLC is taking the key elements of Giger Bar Gruyres and reforming them to fit the perfect space in the U.S. The important part is total authenticity. Giger and his team will be completely involved in the process and ultimately, sign off on it. This is a Giger work of art, not just a copy, but the real thing, with Giger’s involvement from start to finish. It is the vision of HR Giger himself, not Sci-Fi Hotel, not any business plan, it is art, pure and simple.

And that’s just THE BAR!

Hopefully more figures in the worlds of science-fiction will lend their mythologies to this place. Imagine having the unique experience of staying in rooms themed like the places you’ve only read about, or even seen on the big screen.

There could be a room that’s looks small but is bigger on the inside like the TARDIS. A garden conservatory like the one on Aarkis as an installation to demonstrate the importance of water conservation, and the important themes in the book about natural resources. There could even be a Milliways restaurant, where we can watch world’s end from the window and get dessert right after the final moments. Dune, Hitchhiker’s Guide, Firefly, Star Trek, Doctor Who, X-Files - there are just so many possibilities to live your fandoms!

And it would be amazing to live in these worlds without dealing with the whole intergalactic warfare thing, now wouldn’t it? Let’s make it happen!

“What is Sci-Fi Hotel? Think of it as a Cat Tree for Geeks”  -

What other geek locales would you like to see in this cat tree? Share in the comments below!

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