Scientists Achieve Quantum Teleportation for the First Time

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Scientists from the Netherlands have done what Einstein said was impossible; they’ve achieved quantum teleportation.

In a paper published in the Journal of Science, physicists at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at the Delft University of Technology said they were able to “transport information between two quantum bits separated by three meters, or about 10 feet.” This directly contradicts Einstein’s notion of particle entanglements, and is a breakthrough in quantum mechanics and information delivery.

So what is quantum transportation you ask? Unlike Star Trek-esque transportation, quantum transportation utilizes entanglement, where two objects separated by distance effect one another as if they are part of the same system. In this experiment, scientists were able to send the spin state of an electron, from one electron to another 10 feet away. With hopes to increase this distance to a kilometer, the researchers admit that there are five or six groups currently competing to successfully harness this technology and make it useful for practical application.

Once successfully harnessed, quantum teleportation will revolutionize the way we transmit data and use computers in our daily lives. Without the need of wires or any physical objects to transmit the data, you could instantaneously send and receive information from around the world. That 30GB game download? Instant. That medical information you need so desperately from Russia? It’s here in an instant.

google quantum computer Scientists Achieve Quantum Teleportation for the First Time

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It will also create much more powerful computers, and allow us to process calculations that are currently impossible. This would assist medical and scientific research, by allowing us to run simulations much quicker than we are able to at present.

When and if this technology is ready, we’ll be able to access information across the world (and even universe) instantly, without the need to wait. While it’s not quite Star Trek-style transportation, it’s in no way a lesser thing.

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