Scribble: Sensor Equipped Pen Allows You to Draw any Color

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A sensor equipped pen lets you use it as a real-life eyedropper tool, letting you draw any possible color.

Dubbed the Scribble, the pen can draw any color you want instantly through the use of an innovative sensor. This 16-bit RGB color sensor can scan real life items and then create a color matched ink within seconds. For example, if one were to scan a banana you would be able to get the exact shade of yellow and then draw that color anywhere. There is also a stylus model that allows you to transfer a colour to a mobile device, and then “draw” on the screen via a connected application.

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[Via Scribble]

The ink cartridge on the pen is refillable, and the pen features a rechargeable battery, so you’ll be able to use it over and over again. This is a good thing too, as the pen will set you back $150 US. The cheaper stylus model is only going to be $79 though. No pricing on the ink has been released.

While the pen would be great for those working with paper, I’m not sure that limiting the stylus to mobile devices is a great idea. I can see this as a great tool for digital artists using Photoshop, as it would allow them to accurately recreate colors they find in the real world. That said, the same can be done using Photoshop’s built in eyedropper tool, where one can reproduce colors taken from photos.

While neither the pen or the stylus are currently available for purchase, you can sign up through the Scribble website for an alert as to when pre-orders begin. It seems that the pre-orders will bizarrely be done through Kickstarter though. Whether the pen being released is dependent on Kickstarter funding, or they’re simply taking pre-orders there for the sake of publicity, is another matter altogether.

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