SDCC 2013: Dark Horse Discusses Their Future With Star Wars

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A story made its way across the nerd news arena last December that surprised no one: Marvel Comics would eventually take ownership of the Star Wars license. Dark Horse is the current license-holder; however, their contract expires at the end of the year. Who else would the Disney-owned Lucasfilm had the license off to but the Disney-owned Marvel. That makes total sense, right?

Apparently the folks at Dark Horse still have some hope to be able to continue their work with the franchise. Today, at an SDCC panel, Dark Horse’s Randy Stradley was asked by a fan how the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm had affected his company. He replied by saying that they’ve “not experienced any changes” and that they’re on “pens and needles waiting to find out what the future holds for them and the license.” Thanks to the chaps at Bleeding Cool for capturing the quote.

Dark Horse currently publishes Brad Wood’s new ongoing series using original trilogy characters, Star Wars. They will release The Star Wars, an adaptation of Lucas’ original treatment for the film series, later this year. They’ve done great work with the license, so it’d be a shame to see them have to stop it altogether. Perhaps Disney will be kind enough to let the work with it in some capacity. 

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