SDCC 2013: Firefly Online Coming to iOS & Android in 2014

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Good news, Browncoats: Fox Digital Entertainment, Quantum Mechanix and Sparkplug Games are resurrecting Firefly!

The two have teamed to produce a “multi-user, social online role-playing game” they’ve dubbed Firefly Online for iOS and Android-based devices. The game was officially announced yesterday at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Few details have been released regarding how the game will actually work. Here’s all we know for certain: you’ll play as the captain of a trading ship (a fully customizable one, to be more specific) who’ll lead your crew on various missions across the ‘Verse. It appears that Firefly Online won’t be closely tied to the show; however, its likely familiar faces will pop up now and then. It wouldn’t be Firefly without at least one passing reference to Captain Tightpants, would it?

Visit for more information on the game and to sign up for the beta. The game will be available for acquisition Summer 2014.

Firefly Online Launch Trailer:

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