SDCC 2013: Game of Thrones Remembers

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Actually, the North Remembers.

The Game of Thrones panel didn’t offer us up anything new in the way of footage, but we did get treated to a sad but hilarious “In Memoriam” reel, featuring the deaths of every major and very minor character on the show, culminating with a few specific deaths that fans suffered through toward the end of this last season.

The panel itself was fairly uneventful, consisting of Peter Dinklage’s wry humor and a few mentions of Emilia Clarke’s deserving Emmy nod peppered in with questions about everyone’s handling and reactions to the devastating “Red Wedding”. It was more of a “Red Wedding” support group than a Game of Thrones panel. But either way, it was great to see the show’s stars on stage, talking about their love of their characters, the crew, and their show.

Here is the “In Memoriam” clip they played to kick off the panel today at Comic-Con:

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