SDCC 2013: Hunting the Predator in 3D!

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There won't be anybody left to get to the chopper if everyone stops by booth #3528 because this year, the Predator is taking your head.

The Predator 3D booth was my first stop during Previews Night, and after facing off with the ultimate hunter himself, I had the honor of having my head removed and immortalized in plastic for the Predator to forever hold high. 3D Systems has a series of cameras set up to capture your facial features which will be 3D printed onto a custom action figure and available only to Comic-Con attendees who pre-order the Predator 3D Blu-ray.

The original 1987 Schwarzenegger classic has been meticulously restored and remastered for the 3D home video format akin to the recent upgrade of I, Robot. The booth features unconverted clips of the film and I will say that the imagery is very immersive and looks exquisite. Speaking with a Fox representative, I inquired about future releases of Fox films to get the 3D treatment and while no official word has been given, the Alien films could be in the cards.

Fans in attendance are also invited to participate in the Hunt the Predator challenge, if you see the Predator on the show floor, snap a picture and tag in social media outlines with the #HUNTthePREDATOR and you may receive front of the line access to receive your custom figure!

The 3D Blu-ray will be released in December and is available in two different levels of awesome; a deluxe half-scale Predator head with removable mask with the custom figure and 3D Blu-ray for $129.99 or for $49.99 you will receive the custom 3D sculpted figure and the 3D Blu-ray.

(This one-of-a-kind figure will be printed and shipped to fans that pre-order the set shortly after the convention.)

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