SDCC 2014: Alexandre Aja Updates On Scanners TV Series

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While at Comic-Con promoting his new film Horns, Alexandre Aja also found time to talk about the Scanners TV series.

The original 1981 film was written and directed by Canadian auteur David Cronenberg, and told the story of a special select group of people with psychic and telekinetic abilities called “Scanners.” The film is a personal favorite of Aja’s and is infamous for its “head exploding” sequence. You know the one…

scanners4 SDCC 2014: Alexandre Aja Updates On Scanners TV Series

During the panel for the Daniel Radcliffe vehicle Horns, Aja gave a quick update as to where the show is at:

“I’ve always been a huge huge fan of Cronenberg and especially Scanners…I think it’s one of the best worlds and best universes created. There’s been a few years where I’ve tried to figure out a way to create a TV show. Hopefully, next year here at the same place we’ll be revealing a lot, but yes, but this is definitely something I want to do next.”

Dimension Films first started developing Scanners as a TV series during 2011, where it was announced at Comic-Con. That was on the heels of a feature-film remake from David S. Goyer that has since fallen through. Aja was already attached as an executive producer on the TV series which has not yet gone into production or even entered writing stages.

Scanners1 SDCC 2014: Alexandre Aja Updates On Scanners TV Series

Horror shows were on full display at Comic-Con; everything from The Walking Dead, Penny Dreadful, and an Evil Dead TV series. The sudden success of television horror is probably what prompted Aja’s optimism for the show. The narrative of Scanners wouldn’t be the most television-friendly series, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t possibly work as an anthology. It will be a happy day indeed if it ever sees the light of day.

Check out David Cronenberg’s original Scanners on Blu-ray and DVD by The Criterion Collection. It’s a fantastic set.

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