SDCC 2014: Arrow Has an Arsenal, Some New Faces, and a Trailer!

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It's hard to believe that it was only three years ago when Stephen Amell walked into Comic-Con a relative unknown. Now, Arrow is a geek hit with people like myself hanging on to every bit of news.

And news has been aplenty! Even before Comic-Con got underway there was one story after another regarding our favorite show. Perhaps the biggest, or at least the most visual, was the release of a photo (as an EW exclusive) of Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) as Arsenal.

Roy Harper as Arsenal 600x797 SDCC 2014: Arrow Has an Arsenal, Some New Faces, and a Trailer!

From the very beginning of Arrow when the casting of Colton Haynes was announced coupled with Oliver Queen calling his sister Speedy, we’ve been wondering what version of Roy Harper would appear in Starling City and now we know for sure. He’ll be back to slapping water in no time!

Producers Andrew Kriesberg and Marc Guggenheim have been making the press rounds in the last month or so and are spilling just enough secrets to keep us coming back for more.

It appears as if Laurel and Thea are going to get their moments in the sun. “Laurel and Thea are the two characters we haven’t done as much with in the past, and they have the strongest storylines that we’ve ever given them,” says Guggenheim which is welcome news because I doubt there are many who put the two women on a list of characters who have been fleshed out on the show. Quite the contrary, it feels as if both Laurel and Thea have been anemic of late, and by late I mean season two.

As for Thea’s last scene in season two, the one in which she rides off into the sunset with her father in his limo, that (obviously) isn’t the last we’ll see of the two of them. Not only has John Barrowman, who plays Malcolm Merlyn, been bumped to series regular, Guggenheim says that we will get to see just what transpired as they drove away.

In the last DC TV update, I included the news that Caity Lotz was announced as returning to the show and I said that it was most likely in a flashback capacity. I (again, this is an unsettling trend) was wrong. Instead, Sara Lance is coming back to Starling City and as Kreisberg put it,  ”with a very specific mission.” Sara with a mission, Laurel with a coat and a strong story arc? I’m not even going to say it, but we’re all thinking it.

As a matter of fact, during the Arrow Comic-Con panel, a “Season Three First Look” was shown and Ms. Lotz makes a few appearances along with newcomers Peter Stormare and Brandon Routh.

Sara proclaiming that she wasn’t gone for that long (the story will pick up six months after the season two finale) is awesome, but there was a bunch of other stuff going on in that trailer. Not the least of which…

Star City Arrow Season Three 600x335 SDCC 2014: Arrow Has an Arsenal, Some New Faces, and a Trailer!

Yes, that is Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer and yes he is the next one who wants to take over Queen Consolidated, but what is he pointing to? It would be preposterous to think that they are going to go back and return Starling City to its name in the comics, but I for one am extremely curious as to what is happening with this Ray Palmer/Star City thing.

The “First Look” also reassured us that Roy is doing well as Arsenal, and that Quentin Lance is not only alive, but is no longer a beat cop.

Roy Harper Arrow Season Three 600x334 SDCC 2014: Arrow Has an Arsenal, Some New Faces, and a Trailer!

Quentin Lance Arrow Season Three 600x337 SDCC 2014: Arrow Has an Arsenal, Some New Faces, and a Trailer!

As for Oliver, well he has his hands full. A possible budding business partnership with Laurel as well as a possible budding not so business partnership with Felicity. Plus, it appears as if Diggle might have told him about the whole baby thing and, unsurprisingly, going to try and force Diggle to stay in the Arrow Cave.

Of course it wouldn’t be a TV show if everyone is happy, so we get some good looks at the heartbreak to come this season – a bloody Felicity being a big part of that. Speaking of Felicity, it was announced that we will be getting a Felicity backstory episode! Finally. Here’s the head scratcher – it is titled “Oracle”. There is no way on Earth that if certain characters, such as Nightwing, haven’t made it on the show that Barbara Gordon herself would make an appearance. Better chance is that it will be another collection of fascinating, yet frustrating, easter eggs for DC fans.

Felicity Smoak Arrow Season Three 600x332 SDCC 2014: Arrow Has an Arsenal, Some New Faces, and a Trailer!

Returning to Brandon Routh’s Ray Palmer for a moment. During the Arrow panel, the producers were asked about Ted Kord. The answer is a bit disheartening, as it appears that they really wanted Ted Kord (who wouldn’t?) but were unable to get him, instead choosing to bring Ray Palmer to Starling City. Of course one must take that with a grain of salt because really they could tell us anything and we’d have to believe them. Or that could just be my blind optimism talking.

Even without Ted Kord, season three of Arrow is shaping up to be just as entertaining and well done as the previous two. We just now have to wait until Wednesday, October 8 to jump back into the masked mayhem.

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