SDCC 2014: The Avengers NOW Initiative

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Aside from the cinematic buzz, Marvel had plenty of news on the comics front including the next crossover event Axis, All New Captain America and the new Mighty Avengers lineup.

All New Captain America Cover 300x455 SDCC 2014: The Avengers NOW InitiativeYou can say Marvel’s been top of mind throughout the duration of Comic Con International. Hot on the heels of the she-Thor and Sam Wilson Captain America news, Marvel’s announcement of Avengers NOW, a creative initiative meant to shake up the core Avengers teams could prove to be a new era in the Marvel Universe.

Readers will start to see the change in Captain America #25, as this issue will be Sam Wilson’s debut as the new star spangled sentry. There hasn’t been a lot of explanation as to how and why this paradigm shift will take place, but we do however know the events of Captain America will unfold directly into the new crossover series, Axis – the consequences of Red Skull and Zola’s destructive partnership. Alas, the plot thickens!

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers Luke Ross Cover 1 600x907 SDCC 2014: The Avengers NOW Initiative

Thor 001 300x426 SDCC 2014: The Avengers NOW Initiative

Following the All New Captain America debut, Captain America and The Mighty Avengers will relaunch with issue #1 in November with creative team, Al Ewing an Luke Ross at the helm. The Mighty Avengers will chronicle the peace keeping efforts of Marvel’s resident ground team including: Luke Cage, Spider-Man, White Tiger, Monica Rambeau, Blade and several others. An already culturally diverse team, Captain America and The Mighty Avengers will see the same gritty, street brawler feel, with the added dynamic of Sam Wilson’s leadership.

Avengers World will follow suit, expanding the team’s global presence and efforts into various parts of Europe and China.The arc with 10 and 11 “comes to a head,” and brings in the Next Avengers from the animated movie, making their transition into the Marvel Universe.

Thor #1 by Aaron and Russell Dauterman hits October 2014. Per the announcement last week on The View, readers have been abreast with polarizing views on the new Asardian warrior. Still not a bounty of details on the Thor front, but it’s safe to say, this will be one of the most anticipated books of the season.

Angela 600x927 SDCC 2014: The Avengers NOW Initiative

Angela:Asgard’s Assassin will see the angelic space assassin, righting the wrongs of her past and embarking on a journey of self discovery. But we’re curious to see if Angela will encounter the Thor in her book, given that she’s the daughter of Oldin and half sister of Thor. Time will obviously tell, but a clash of sword and hammer shake things up a bit.

Axis SDCC 2014: The Avengers NOW Initiative

Axis will finally hit shelves in October, and it sounds pretty epic. In Uncanny Avengers we see The Red Skull has taken hold of the late Charles Xavier’s telepathic abilities. Sounds bad, right? Well it doesn’t end there – as Red Skull figures out how to master these newfound abilities and transforms himself into Red Onslaught gathering a gang of other Marvel big bads to do what they do best. Like all crossovers off this magnitude, we’ll see tie-ins from other Marvel books. Two to watch out for in particular are Spider Man villains Hobgoblin and Carnage in their respective tie-in mini series. It was also hinted (but not confirmed, damn you Marvel!) that Tony Starks superior duds will be heavily influenced by the outcome of Axis.

Seems like Marvel’s got some big projects in the air. Which one are you looking forward to reading? Sound off in the comments below or on the Geek Facebook page and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to catch up on the rest of our  San Diego Comic-Con coverage.

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