SDCC 2014: Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak Footage And Gallery Tour

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Geek god Guillermo del Toro delivered multiple reveals at this year's Comic-Con, including footage of his upcoming gothic horror film Crimson Peak.

Even before Comic-Con went into full gear, Guillermo del Toro was hard at work trying to entice fans about his latest movie, Crimson Peak. The gothic, romantic-horror film isn’t due out for 15 months, but that didn’t stop del Toro from devising a way to tease fans in an incredibly absorbing way. A “Gothic Gallery Tour” personally created and curated by del Toro was on display in the Legedary booth. Fans and media alike could walk through a room designed to look like one of the sets of the movie. It included props and costumes that will play an intricate part in the final film’s narrative as well as a decaying ceiling; all set to an atmospheric soundscape designed by Academy Award Winner Randy Thom.

You can check out a promotional video hosted by Guillermo del Toro below:

It didn’t stop there, del Toro and Thomas Tull of Legendary were on hand to give Hall H-er’s their first look at Crimson Peak. The footage was of a bloody logo for the film, several quick scenes showcasing the immense production design — del Toro insisted on constructing everything on a physical set instead of CGI — and violent bursts of terror while Tom Hiddleston’s foreboding narration plays over it all:

“Houses as old as this one become, in time, a living thing. They may have timber for bones and windows for eyes, and sitting here all alone, it can go slowly bad. It starts holding on to things. Keeping them alive when they shouldn’t be. Some of them good. Some bad. Some should never be spoken about again”.

Afterwards, del Toro promised to bring the stars with him to next year’s Comic-Con, even going as far as to say that Tom Hiddleston is “the nicest f***ing guy in the world.” The lack of stars did not bring down the energy as they switched gears from Crimson Peak to Pacific Rim 2, which had an Oculus Rift exhibit in the Legendary booth as well, and teased the audience with the notion of Hellboy 3 and At The Mountains Of Madness. Tull responded almost immediately with, “when you’re done with Pacific Rim 2, we’ll talk,” to which fans cheered.

Legendary Crimson Peak del Toro SDCC 2014: Guillermo del Toros Crimson Peak Footage And Gallery Tour

 I wouldn’t hold our breath on either Hellboy 3 or At The Mountains Of Madness. Recently del Toro said no one in the industry would fund a third Hellboy movie and we’ve heard so many set-backs from Mountains that it may become one of the great unsung film projects in history. The filmmaker is incredibly busy with his new FX show The Strain, completing work on Crimson Peak while prepping both Pacific Rim 2 and a Rim animated series, not to mention the animated film Book Of Life (also at this year’s Comic-Con) and about a dozen other slated projects. We can always hope to one day see it all.

Crimson Peak opens October 16, 2015

Images: Legendary Entertainment

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