SDCC 2014: Palahniuk & Fincher Talk Fight Club Sequel

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The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club.

We gotta break some rules here, in the shadow of Marvel’s Hall H announcements, a small panel celebrating Fight Club was held. On hand was novelist Chuck Palahniuk, the man behind the book, and film adaptation director David Fincher to share memories about the cult hit’s success. Here are a few highlights about the movie, the book and its upcoming sequel.

Yes, sequel. Dark Horse and Palahniuk recently announced a ten issue release of Fight Club 2 that takes place 10 years after the events in the first novel. We go back to see what became of the narrator, his now wife Marla, and their 9 year old son Junior. Seems Marla is discontent with life without the alter ego, the narrator feels he is failing his son and Project Mayhem may have found a life outside of its creator. At Comic Con, Palahniuk and Fincher reunited to tell stories about making Fight Club - both the novel and the film – happen despite all the odds stacked against it.

Some of the highlights included how Chuck’s inspiration to write the book came from a fight he got into in the woods and how when he returned to work, he was completely unrecognizable noting that, ”if you look bad enough no one asks you what happened.” Fincher also told the story about how he connected with the source material, ”Fight Club is about moving through a modern disconnected society. It’s a satire. Many don’t get that.” He also discussed how he didn’t expect people to take a lot of its themes to heart and also, ”Who the f*** doesn’t want to see credit card companies blow up?”

Now when it came to details about Fight Club 2, not much was said other than Chuck’s enthusiasm for its life in graphic novel form, “…everyone is extremely happy with Cameron Stewart’s art for the book which makes the material feel like it’s ‘a step away from reality.”

Hear the panel for yourself thanks to The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith:

Fight Club 2 is set to debut next year. What are your thoughts on the sequel?

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