SDCC 2014: Pizza Hut Creates Real Life TMNT Pizza Thrower

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SDCC 2014 will see a real-life childhood creation that could be amazing, and possibly dangerous.

Around 1989 in the UK, the now world famous time travelling Delorean went on tour to promote Back to the Future Part II. The excitement those children (and in some cases adults) must have felt in seeing this incredible machine is difficult to describe in words.At the San Diego Comic-Con this year, fans that have arrived for the event may soon feel that very same emotion those children felt so long ago when they see the creation that Pizza Hut, Paramount Pictures and Synn Labs have revealed. In celebration of Paramount’s new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, they have made a life sized Pizza Thrower!

San Diego Comic-Con is now well known among fans of film and fandom alike for its excess and the drive to outdo what other people have done the year before. When it is not Tom Hiddleston as Loki berating the comic fans, then it is Stan Lee meeting a giant robot.

This year the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Thrower makes its appearance to hopefully top anything fans at the con have ever seen before. The original Pizza Thrower was released in 1989 by Playmates, but was also repackaged many times over the years turning up in the Earthworm Jim toy line and Chicken Little!

sdcc news pizzathrower toy SDCC 2014: Pizza Hut Creates Real Life TMNT Pizza Thrower

The Pizza Hut-created thrower faithfully copies this design. Standing in at 12 feet tall and 9 feet wide, this modified pick-up truck has a 16 feet long cannon that rotates a whopping 180 degrees. Yes, before you ask the cannon does actually shoot out pizza, though these are of the fake variety and not actually real life pizzas. Here is a brief teaser which shows the creation of the Pizza Thrower just to give you an idea of what scale Pizza Hut and Paramount are going for.

The creation of this vehicle will make the heart of even the most hard core fan melt in joy. How often do you get to see a piece of your childhood recreated and shown to a whole new generation? Below is the concept art for the Pizza Thrower, including the blueprints and the finished art, which really shows the attention to detail that has gone into the vehicle’s creation.

Finally Pizza Hut has given us non Comic-Con attendees a look at this magnificent machine on their Instagram page:

This is not all. In support of this and the new movie, Pizza Hut is also giving away free pizzas at the con. If you are one of the lucky ones to tweet into Pizza Hut then you could collect a free pizza slice in a collectable box with a design by Gallery1988′s very own artist Scott Derby. Seems Pizza Hut is going at SDCC with guns blazing, and with so much competition from other sources it is a wise move.

sdcc news pizzathrower free pizza box SDCC 2014: Pizza Hut Creates Real Life TMNT Pizza Thrower

Geek can guarantee there will be a lot more surprises in store for the lucky few who have managed to get to the SDCC this year. But whether you were able to get tickets or not you can always check up on the updates, so make sure you follow Geek for all the news on the con as it arrives.

Images: Paramount Pictures, Pizza Hut, Playmates, Scott Derby, Gallery1988

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