SDCC 2014: You Can Pay To Play As The Red Hood In Batman: Arkham Knight

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In addition to the Harley Quinn DLC that lets you take on challenge maps as Joker's right-hand gal, pre-ordering Batman: Arkham Knight at GameStop will now unlock an extra story mission allowing you to play as The Red Hood.

Announced during San Diego Comic Con earlier this week, fans who put their money down early for next year’s Batman: Arkham Knight will earn an extra story mission where they step into the shoes of one of the Caped Crusader’s most enigmatic villains. The Red Hood has had a few different incarnations over Batman’s long history, but he’s most well-known as either the turning point in Joker’s creation in Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke, or as the reintroduction of Jason Todd, one of Bat’s favorite Robins who was fatefully killed by Joker in A Death In The Family and resurrected with the crimson headpiece in Under The Hood to exact revenge on his wrongdoers. Based on the ad’s description which refers to the character as a ‘ruthless vigilante’ and the bat logo emblazoned on the chest, this story mission will almost certainly follow Jason Todd’s turn in the costume.

The Joker’s jaunt as The Red Hood does appear briefly in Batman: Arkham Origins during a flashback sequence (One of the few memorable moments from that game) and Arkham City also alluded to Jason Todd’s Under the Hood stint with a couple of minor inside gags. It will be interesting to see if this time around Todd has a more functional role in the story.

jocz batman arkham origins joker redhood SDCC 2014: You Can Pay To Play As The Red Hood In Batman: Arkham Knight

Joker’s Red Hood from Batman: Arkham Origins

It’s also not clear if the DLC will be come available to the rest of the gaming public at a later date, or if this will be a permanent GameStop pre-order exclusive.

Meanwhile Batman’s foray into the gaming world expanded at Comic Con ever so slightly more with the reveal of Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts designer Tetsuya Nomura’s interpretation of The Dark Knight – Nomura’s design, which is overflowing with long, sharp lines and a dramatic, dangerous-looking cape complete with wings and extra arms – is being added to Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai collectibles series, but a price and official name of the figure are not yet known.

Batman and his characters have been reborn countless times with new characters, costumes and stories, and it looks like gaming in 2015 will be no different for him. The die-hard Batfan will want to get his hands on Nomura’s Batman figure, and as far as ugly business practices go, The Red Hood is an enticing pre-order bonus. Just do us a favor and keep your finger near the ‘cancel pre-order’ button; as great as Batman: Arkham Knight looks, this is a business that wants you to pay before you can make an educated purchase, and gamers continue to get burned each year.

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