SDCC 2014: Zack Snyder Gets People Talking With New Batfleck and SuperJedi

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The Warner Bros. SDCC 2014 panel isn't until Saturday, but that isn't stopping Zack Snyder from getting people talking about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Zack Snyder is not afraid to release titillating photos on Twitter. He may not be as prolific as Bryan Singer from the set, but theĀ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director does just enough to keep us interested. Snyder teased us with a tarp back in May to which we all responded as he knew we would – with shrieks and squeals galore.

True to his word, he did pull back that tarp the next day to fully reveal the new Batmobile in all its glory… with the added bonus of the first look at Ben Affleck as Batman.

Since then, all has been quiet on the Twitter front (minus a shout out to his daughter and a memorial for a friend). That is until yesterday, Comic-Con Eve. It was then he introduced the world to #SuperJedi.

Yes, that is indeed Henry Cavill dressed as a Jedi Knight wielding a lightsaber. While wearing his Superman costume as well. What does it mean? No clue. If Snyder has some deep meaning to the photo, he isn’t telling. At least not yet. Despite everyone and their pony talking about it, he’s remained mum.

Well, he’s remained mum in so much that he hasn’t spilled the reason behind #SuperJedi. But he hasn’t remained silent when it comes to Batman. Oh no. Earlier today he released yet another photo, this time of a pensive and perhaps brooding Batfleck with the caption “#75″ no doubt referencing the 75th Anniversary of the Caped Crusader.

Yeah. That’s awesome. When it was first announced that Batman would be older and more road weary in the new film, there were many who had reservations, myself included. However, it is amazing how one shot of a scruffy and graying Batman in full cowl can start to change your mind.

On Preview Night we got the chance to see the cowl and cape, now with the man in the costume we can not wait to see what DC and Warner Bros. have in store for us on Saturday.

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Images: Warner Bros.

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