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Jim Lee and Others Do A Breakfast Cereal Monster Makeover

In 2011 Jim Lee, the co-publisher of DC Comics, was tasked with the daunting prospect of redesigning the storied comic book company’s iconic heroes. The results were mixed (underwear-less Superman gets a “pllt” in our book, but ...

Aug 06, 2014
The Geek Exchange Podcast Episode 009: Less Than Meets the Eye

The Geek Exchange Podcast is back and for the first time in awhile, the gang is back together again! In this episode we tackle the pressing issues of our time, namely Michael Bay and San Diego Comic-Con predictions. Transformers: Age of ...

Jul 05, 2014
Mauro Perucchetti’s Sculptures Mix Classic Art With DC Comics

In comic book history there are many memorable superhero friendships: Spider-Man swinging along with Black Cat, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold laughing it up, and perhaps the most famous of all the relationships; Superman and Batman. With so many ...

Jul 03, 2014