Geek Out at the New York Comic Con!

Geek founder Mark A. Altman will be at NYCC this year, go hound him about Discovery and 007, make him sign your book!


Motor City Comic Con 2017: Geek Photo Gallery

This weekend we visited Novi, Michigan to partake in the merriment.


Birth Of Kong Prequel Comic Connects Skull Island And Godzilla Mash-Up

Witness how Kong became King in this new comic series which ties Kong: Skull Island into Warner Brother's Monsterverse.


Jessica Jones Season 2: Comic Book Names and Connections

The Whizzer, Dr. Karl Malus, and more comic connections you might have missed!


Superman’s Foe, Mr. Oz, Revealed to Be DC Comics Icon?

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Implications. Is shaking the very foundations of Man of Steel's classic origin worth the risk?


Indie Comic BLACK Continues with New America’s Sweetheart Story

The new graphic novel is set for a November 2017 release.


GEEK Speaks w/ Pulsar Comics Contest Winner Daniel Cooney

The Tommy Gun Dolls earns Independent Comics Creator Grand Prize


[SDCC] Thor: Ragnarok – New Official Trailer Straight From Comic-Con

Somehow Marvel has made this trailer even bigger, better and crazier than the first, and we are so here for it!


[SDCC] First Aquaman Footage Screened For Comic-Con Audience

Hall H was blessed with a short teaser for James Wan`s upcoming Aquaman, which ended in a surprise revelation.


[SDCC] Archer Season 9 Title & Premise Revealed At Comic-Con Panel

Archer is heading to the South Pacific in the year 1939 for the new season of FX's popular animated series titled Danger Island.