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Orphan Black Gets Season Three, Star Gets Emmy Nod?

Coming as a surprise to almost no one, Orphan Black has been renewed for a third season. Does the continued success and growing fandom of the show translate to an Emmy nomination for the show’s star Tatiana Maslany? If you are one of those ...

Jul 10, 2014
Orphan Black: New Trailer, New Poster, New Clone!

If you haven’t watched Orphan Black, you are missing out. As the season two Orphan Black trailer clearly illustrates, this show is just what the “scifi/creepy/mysterious/wtf just happened?” doctor ordered. It was easy to miss ...

Mar 13, 2014
BBC America Begins Production on Orphan Black

Since 1998, BBC America has been a way for Untied States citizens to enjoyed refined UK-produced shows like EastEnders, Doctor Who, The X-Files and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Oh, wait a second … those last two aren’t British, are they? ...

Oct 23, 2012
66th Annual Emmy Nominations: Where Art Thou The Simpsons?

Game Of Thrones and Fargo lead the 66th annual Emmy nominations, with newcomers True Detective, Orange Is The New Black, and Silicon Valley making a huge splash this year. Fantasy phenomenon Game of Thrones led the way with 19 nominations ...

Jul 10, 2014
Celebrate Canada Day with Captain Canuck!

Happy Canada Day! Yes, I am Canadian. I’m not the only Canuck on staff either, as both Daniel Woizinski and Mitchell Corner hail from the North, with our extra ‘u’s and love of beer and politeness. This Canada Day I would like ...

Jul 01, 2014
The Geek Exchange Podcast 005: The Night You-Know-Who Died

The Geek Exchange Podcast returns and this time it’s all about the man of the hour, Spider-Man! We also take a look at the upcoming Gotham series and discuss shows we would love to see make a return to TV. You can also subscribe to the ...

May 09, 2014