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The Geek Exchange Podcast Episode 008: Game of Dudes

The Geek Exchange Podcast is back and in this episode, much like the last, we are sticking with one topic. This time it is all Game of Thrones. Season four is now over. It will be an eternity before the show returns, so let’s all come ...

Jun 20, 2014
Earth to Echo: Exclusive Interview with Director David Green

For director Dave Green, Earth to Echo represents an opportunity to tap into his childhood filmgoing experiences, most notably Steven Spielberg’s Amblin’ Entertainment films from the 1980s and the efforts of the late John Hughes. The ...

Jul 01, 2014
Marvel Movie Rankings – A GEEK Round Table, Part I

Whether you’re a Marvelite or not, one can’t miss the magnitude of the Marvel universe at the box office – and like all things epic, the Marvel Cinematic Universe wasn’t built in a day. We have seen box office triumphs ...

Jun 06, 2014
Sabotage Gets A New Trailer, More Things For Arnold To Destroy

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns this April in Sabotage, and in the new trailer he decides to shoot stuff up with a lot of bullets – a bad guys’ only weakness. Remember Sabotage? The movie with a decent cast that looks like they are ...

Jan 06, 2014
Blu-ray+DVD review: A Good Day to Die Hard

Utilizing less Yippee Ki-Yay in this latest installment and more get-along-little-doggie, “A Good Day To Die Hard” infuses about as much time and effort into this newest storyline as was put in its lengthy and lackluster title. And while Willis ...

Jun 06, 2013