Seattle’s Cinerama Installing World’s First 4K HD Laser Projector

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The world of film production is constantly taking new leaps forward with technology, whether it's new 3D cameras, IMAX, Blu-Ray, or more recently, 4K.

4K (aka Ultra 4K HD) is a new high definition format that is already widely in use in the film industry, and is a huge step up from conventional HD. While a lot of films are currently being filmed in 4K, the commercial viewing aspect has had some struggles when bringing the technology to the viewers. GEEK already outlined a few of these struggles here, but the first step to utilize the new format has been taken in Seattle.

Paul Allen’s Cinerama Theater in Seattle is installing a new digital laser 4K projector, which is being hyped as the world’s first by its designers, Christie. Geek Wire reports:

“When hi-tech visionary Paul G. Allen bought the theater in 1999, he gave Cinerama full rein to innovate in order to provide our community with a cutting-edge movie going experience,” Cinerama Theater Manager Greg Wood said in a statement. “Selecting a laser projection solution –with its ability to render 2D and 3D movies with stunning clarity and brilliant, accurate color rendition –is in keeping with this tradition.

Christie first tested out its laser projector at IBC 2012, where it displayed the technology during a showing of “Hugo 3D.” The high-tech projector should produce some pretty sweet picture, especially on Cinerama’s giant 90-foot x 30-foot screen.

“Cinerama’s huge screen requires the best and brightest in digital cinema projection technology, so it can demonstrate how spectacularly a moviemaker’s vision can be realized when shown at high contrast ratios and intense light levels,” Dr. Don Shaw, senior director of Product Management at Christie said in a press release.

The new projector is planned to be installed early 2014, which should open up right in time for some great summer blockbusters.

What do you think of this pioneering move by Cinerama? Is watching a movie in 4K important to you as a fan of movies, or will it simply be another 3D-like gimmick? Let us know in the comments section below!

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