The Book Of Life Gets a Second Trailer Showing Off Its Visual Splendor Of The Afterlife

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The Book of Life`s first trailer debuted back in May and now the second trailer, which was shown during the SDCC panel has now gone online for your viewing pleasure.

A romantic adventure inspired by Dia de los Muertos (the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday), The Book of Life follows Manolo, Maria, and Joaquin, three childhood friends who become entangled in a love triangle. The noble and goodhearted bullfighter Manolo and the handsome and rather narcissistic Joaquin vie for the heart of the beautiful and spirited Maria. Manolo, after calling upon the powers of an ancient deity, travels through The Land of the Living, the Land of the Remembered and the Land of the Forgotten as he searches for a way to follow his dreams and win Maria’s heart while living a full life.

There are undercurrents of both Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride but with Guillermo del Toro acting as producer — a visually powerful director who specializes in creating engrossing fairy tales — you know it will have a unique and expressive visual style. Jorge R. Gutierrez is making his directorial debut previously worked on El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera for Nickelodeon and wrote the script with head writer of El Tigre, Douglas Langdale.

Much like the first trailer, the second one shows off more of the visual splendor of the film rather than plot details. It relies more on the cheeky humor and visual connection it will have on younger viewers as opposed to the expansive narrative that may end up enriching The Book of Life into a memorable animated film for years to come. You can check out the first trailer that was released back in May below:

This seems to be a step up for 20th Century Fox collaborators Real FX, who previously released Free Birds to a lukewarm reception from both critics and audiences. The Book of Life already looks to be a more impressive effort. Even with some of the overdone character tropes showcased in the trailer, there is an energy in its presentation and the people behind the scenes are reason enough to give it a try.

In addition to Saldana, Luna, and Tatum, The Book of Life also stars Ice Cube, Ron Perlman, Christina Applegate, Danny Trejo, Cheech Marin, Kate del Castillo, and Eugenio Derbez and hits theaters in 3D on October 17th, 2014, just in time for the Halloween and the Dia de los Muertos holiday. What do you guys think? Will you add it to the list of Halloween movies we need to see? Can Guillermo del Toro elevate this animated film to must see status? Comment below or let us know on our Facebook page!

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