See the First Trailer for Iron Man 3

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Within the first few seconds of the recently released Iron Man 3 trailer, it is obvious this film will have a much darker tone that the previous two. As the plot description we posted a few days ago revealed, the Tony Stark of Iron Man 3 has had his “personal world destroyed at his enemy’s hands.” His quest to find the person(s)/thing(s) responsible for is drama will be riddled with explosions, personal property damage and nanotechnology.

The previous two Iron Man films borrowed certain elements from Warren Ellis’ “Extremis,” but neither attempted to adapt it directly. The trailer seems to indicate that the third film will more closely resemble Ellis’ tale; however, it is not being billed as an adaptation. In the two minute clip, we see three players from “Extremis” – Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce), Maya Hansen (Rebecca Hall) and The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) – and Stark using the nanotech-enhanced “Extremis” armor.

The Shane Black-directed Iron Man 3 will release in May, 2013. Are you excited or nervous? Watch the trailer below and then share your feelings with the group in the comments.

Watch the official trailer in HD on the iTunes Movie Trailers site.

Now Marvel has uploaded the US version of the trailer, which is essentially the same, except without the pesky superfluous “U”s in all of their words. You can totally hear them, right?

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