See the New Trailer for Grand Theft Auto V

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Rockstar Games issued a new trailer for their highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V only a few short moments ago. This is the second trailer we’ve seen from the game; the first was released on November 2, 2011.

The new clip features the game’s three protagonists – Michael, Trevor and Franklin – and the various mayhem that ensues around them set to adequately funky music. GTAV will be adding new layers to the mechanics used in previous games. For instance, you will be able to switch between each of the aforementioned protagonists while attempting to achieve a certain goal. The new trailer seems to hint that the the characters will run the gamut between “lovable thug” and “completely insane,” which means their team dynamics will likely be fun to watch.

Grand Theft Auto V will be available next spring for all major platforms. Perhaps we’ll get at least one additional trailer before then.

While on the subject of Rockstar, if you’re curious at all about the history of the company, I highly suggest you check out Jacked: The Story of Grand Theft Auto by David Kushner. It’s a pretty in-depth look at the company’s legal struggles and triumphs over the years. Kushner, author of The Masters of Doom: Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture, really knows how to turn game development into a riveting tale.

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